AVG Cleaner Pro APK Latest 4.14.0 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

AVG Cleaner Pro APK is a pro app for Android devices to clean up junk files to free up space.

Is your phone is running slow because of the low memory or worry about viruses? AVG Cleaner Pro will make your life a lot easier. It helps you to clear up caches and any unwanted apps running in the background. That helps to improve the speed and overall performance of your Android Mobile or Tablet.

Android is an Open Source Operating System. That is dominating the mobile device market almost by 70%. That means approximately 7 out of 10 mobile users have Android operating systems on their devices. As it is an open-source that let the doors open for anonymous viruses to attack. This is why malware viruses can find ways to get into your Android device. That is very harmful for your android machine as well as your personal data and pictures. And many high-end and low-end apps in the android devices keep generating the cache and temporary files at the backend of devices. This makes the phone performance slow.


Version 4.14.0
Developer AVG
Requires 4.4 or above
Size 22.1 MB
MOD Features PRO features Unlocked
Updates 29/09/2019


Today many smartphones and tablets are coming with their internal tools with a special feature. That helps them to keep the device secure and fast. But they are not good enough to handle all the tasks at once. You have to run through many functions to get the one thing done. Or they are not as effective as they should be.

This is where AVG Cleaner Pro comes in handy. Their pro performances quickly check for any temp and cache files in your Android device. And clean them instantly to improve your device performance. It protects your mobile and tablet from suspicious malware to keep your device secure.

It comes with a lot of features which you will love. We will talk about all its pro features below in this article.

Now, the first question you will have is it free? Well, the answer is YES if you are going to stick with the free version. As it has a free version available on Goole Play Store. But you will be missing from pro features. Thus we have a solution for you where you don’t need to pay for anything.

What is AVG Cleaner Pro APK?

AVG is a world-famous company providing Antivirus solutions all over the world. They are protecting all devices including Windows and MAC. They promise to secure all your gadgets and that is why they have brought AVG Cleaner Pro.

It is a utility app that takes care of all your cache files. AVG Cleaner clears up all the junk files and creates more space on your phone. It increases battery life so your phone can stay charged for a long. It is a great smart device manager tool that lets you clean up your phone in a smart way to speed up the phone process.

AVG Logo

Free AVG Cleaner is available on the Play Store. But if you are looking for a more advanced tool for your phone then you need to have a pro version of the app. And that requires a paid subscription starting from $1.99 per month. This does not seem a big amount but if for whatever reasons you are not comfortable paying this. And wants to have a full pro version, you have come to the right place.

We have the solution for you. In this article, we have provided you the 100% working AVG Cleaner PRO APK to give you access to the pro features of the app.

Why you should use AVG Cleaner Pro?

Everyone wants to work their phone faster and have more free space for their apps, music, and pictures. AVG Cleaner does the entire job for you. It scans through your phone and lets you clean all the unnecessary files which makes your phone slower. Having AVG Cleaner Pro on your Android device will also protect you from viruses. So, all in all, it is a great optimizing app that helps your phone work faster and frees up space in your smartphone.

Install AVG Cleaner Pro APK on Android

Installation requirements

Luckily AVG offers great compatibility and it’s available for all android devices. You won’t have to worry about using its features as none of the features requires root for your device. So it should easy peasy game to install AVG Cleaner on your device.

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Features

As the Pro word speaks itself. It brings you more advanced and pro features in the apps to work smarter. We have briefed what this app does above. Now let’s dig into it to explore more features.

Easy Navigate

This app is very user focus designed. Keeping in mind all kinds of users if you are a beginner or a professional. As a beginner sometimes it gets very hard to navigate around. Bute AVG has made sure it’s for all types of users. So, if you are a beginner and using this app the very first time. You will not have any issue at all navigating around its features. You can manage all your tasks and get rid of the occupied unnecessary space with just one click.

Quick Scan

It is one of the most exciting and valuable features of the app. It scans through your smartphone to collect data about the junk files. And then let you decide what to delete to free up some space on your phone.

Use this option is pretty simple. Simply touch on the ”Quick Scan” on the interface. It will run a thorough scan and brings all the junk files data. Then you select what to delete. You will also have a choice to leave the setting as default that let the app choose what to delete. Once you will click on Complete Clean Up. It will delete all the junkies and leave you with more space on your device.

Photo Analyzer

This is an era of Selfie and everyone loves taking pictures like us. Managing space for your photos is a mission. AVG Cleaner identified this problem and has brought us a cool feature in this app. And I am confident including me all you will love this feature. It’s called “Photo Analyzer”.

Photo Analyzer AVG Cleaner Pro APK

This is a smart and powerful feature to optimize your image gallery. It reduces optimize your images on the device without compromising on the quality. To use this function is very simple. Simply click on the “Photo” option on the app interface. This will bring all the images you have on the device. Then you click on “Review and Optimize”. It will start running the function and will optimize your images to compact the gallery.

Remember, as I said earlier by reducing the size it will not affect the quality of your images. It will also identify if you will have any duplicate, blurry, and poor quality images you have on your device.  You then take action and delete them to free up your phone storage.

Advanced App Manager

App Manager is a great handy feature in the app. It gives you the freedom to choose and keep the right app for your device. Advanced App Manager identifies those apps that making your device slow, consuming a lot of battery, and occupying a lot of space on your phone memory. It also tells you the apps that drain your mobile data. It is great

Download AVG Cleaner Pro APK

Smartphone devices come with a lot of pre-installed apps that you may not need. AVG Cleaner helps to prevent those apps from making your phone slow down. It analyzes the apps to identify if they are taking too much storage space on your device. It also lets you delete those apps which are consuming too much battery.

Battery Booster

Another great and useful feature is to help your phone to stay charged for a long. It is very important the phone battery lasts long. There may be many apps running in the background which are draining too much battery. Hibernating Apps help us to clean up those and stop working in the background so they don’t eat much battery.

Battery Saver AVG Cleaner Pro APK

AVG Cleaner also offers various profiles for you to set out to increase the battery life. You can set out “Low Battery”, “Outdoor”, “Car”, “Home”, “Car” and more to work your device best according to the occasion.

Key Features

  • Performance Improve
  • Pre-Installed App Removal
  • More Free Space
  • Hibernate Apps
  • Longer Battery Life
  • File Manager
  • Advanced App Manager
  • Junk Remover

AVG Cleaner PRO APK Mod Features

Although the free version works great but some advanced features come only in the PRO version. Below we have mentioned some of the great benefits of AVG Cleaner Pro APK Mod.

  • No Ads for Life
  • PRO Features Unlocked for free
  • Graphic Optimized
  • Delete / Disable unwanted Rights
  • Analytics / Crashlytics Disable

AVG Cleaner Free Downside

Like other apps, AVG Cleaner Free version comes with visual ads. That you cannot disable in the free version which makes sense. That is why we have AVG Cleaner Pro APK modded version to disable the ads and with a lot more benefits.

AVG Cleaner APK Latest Download

AVG Cleaner Pro is a must-have app for your Android device. You can get rid of the junk files, clear all the cache and unnecessary files to free up your phone storage. You can also optimize your image gallery to compact it without compromising on the quality.

Final Words

No one loves the phone to work slow and occupied with extra junk and cache files. We always want to work our phones faster and extra free space to store more data and images. AVG Cleaner Pro is an amazing app the quickly remove junk files and free up a lot of space on your phone. It also protects your device from suspicious malware.

We are trying our best to give you guys every possible solution. Now, it’s over to you. Share it with your friends to help them to use this free Mod APK and get your phone a lot of space.

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